SHE values and pillars


On the European level, the following SHE core values and pillars are shared that underpin the health promoting school approach:

SHE core values

  • Equity. Equal access for all to education and health
  • Sustainability. Health, education and development are linked. Activities and programmes are implemented in a systematic way over a prolonged period
  • Inclusion. Diversity is celebrated. Schools are communities of learning, where all feel trusted and respected
  • Empowerment. All members of the school community are actively involved
  • Democracy. Health promoting schools are based on democratic values.

SHE pillars

  • Whole school approach to health promotion. Combine health education in the classroom with development of school policies, the school environment, life competencies and involving the whole school community
  • Participation. A sense of ownership by student, staff and parent
  • School quality. Health promoting schools create better teaching and learning processes and outcomes. Healthy pupils learn better, healthy staff work better
  • Evidence. Development of new approaches and practices based on existing and emerging research.