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The Schools for Health in Europe Network Foundation (SHE) focuses on making school health promotion an integral part of policy development in the health and education sector in EU member states. SHE encourages each member country to develop and implement a national policy on school health promotion, building on the experiences within the country, within Europe and globally.


The members of SHE use a broad and positive concept of health and well-being and acknowledge the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They recognize the whole school approach to health and active participation of all members of the school community. Health promoting schools support schools in achieving their educational and social goals. Healthy students learn better, healthy teachers work better. They are active agents in all European countries for strengthening social capital and health literacy.


Spotlight - SHE publications

2018 SHE Network Foundation leaflet

Read and share the 2018 SHE leaflet

2017 SHE network leaflet

Read and share the 2017 SHE network leaflet

2014 SHE network assembly meeting report

The 6th assembly of the School for Health in Europe (SHE) network took place on 8-10 October in Tallinn, Estonia. The meeting was chaired by Goof Buijs (CBO, manager SHE network) and Vivian Barnekow.

Read more about the 6th SHE network assembly meeting and view full report

SHE network factsheets

Factsheet 1- State of the art: health promoting schools in Europe

The SHE network has published its first factsheet of a series. This factsheet provides a brief description of the current state of health promoting schools (HPS) in the European region based on data collected from the 43 European region countries in the SHE network. The results presented in this document serve as a benchmark for future HPS development and implementation in the European region. Read more about SHE factsheet 1

Factsheet 2 - School health promotion: evidence for effective action

The second factsheet of the SHE network provides an updated overview of the evidence of health promotion in schools. With more than 90 scientific references to support the case for the SHE network. It is based on a report with comprehensive scientific references entitled, ‘School health promotion: an overview of the evidence for effective action’. Read more about SHE factsheet 2

Factsheet 3 - Effective networks and partnerships for health promotion in schools

The third factsheet of the SHE network gives information on what networks and partnerships in school health promotion are and why they are important. It also explores factors that promote and inhibit networks and partnerships and presents case studies of sustainable networking and partnerships in school health promotion. Read more about SHE factsheet 3


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SHE network news

Next SHE academy

There will be no SHE academy i 2018 - the next SHE academy will take place in 2019. More information later.

SHE network video introduction

The video presentation, narrated by Goof Buijs, manager of the SHE network, is an introduction to the SHE network, its history, members, approach and activities. Watch the video introduction

SHE network in Italy

An introduction of the SHE network in the Italian context. The video was recorded at the Italian national Health Promotion conference in Orvieto

SHE network promotional video

SHE health promoting school video is complete and is now available on the SHE network website to view and to share. Watch video