SHE Research Group


The SHE Research Group is a consortium of researchers and research institutions in the area of health education and education research from a number of countries in Europe, linked with the SHE Network Foundation.


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Objective and aims 


The main objective of the SHE research group is:

  • To support the development of school health promotion in Europe. We do this by stimulating, facilitating and coordinating conceptual, theoretical and empirical research.

The aims of the SHE research group are:

  • Facilitating and coordinating research and contribute to conceptual development as well as research-based evidence for the schools for health approach across Europe.
  • Research capacity building, stimulating research, and consultancy for the SHE members, in collaboration with the SHE planning committee



The SHE research group also functions as a separate network within the European Educational Research Association (EERA), titled Health Education Research. More information about EERA Network 8.


The SHE network collaboraties closely with HBSC. The HBSC research network is an international alliance of researchers that collaborate on the cross-national survey of school students: Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC). The HBSC collects data every four years on 11-, 13- and 15-year-old boys' and girls' health and well-being, social environments and health behaviours. More information about HBSC.


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