SHE Academy
Health, Wellbeing and Educational Achievement: Focus on Inequalities


The SHE Academy is a unique opportunity to critically discuss research methodologies, analytical perspectives and dilemmas from practice in an international learning environment, with input by leading scholars and experts from the field of school-based health promotion and education


This is the sixth course organized by the SHE Network. This year the focus is on Health, Wellbeing and Educational Achievement: Focus on Inequalities, but there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss and to learn about school-based health and wellbeing education and promotion in a broader sense.

The SHE Academy will be organized in a dynamic and flexible way, to meet the interests and needs of the participants with varied experience, needs and fields of interests. The program will be structured through lectures, dialogue plenary sessions for all participants and a range of separate workshops, for PhD students, researchers and practitioners respectively.

PhD students will have an opportunity to present their work in smaller groups and get focused feedback on selected issues of their choice (e.g. methodology, data generation, data analysis, implications, recommendations). The other participants, researchers and practitioners, will be also able to present their work and get feedback. The PhD students will be awarded 5 ECTS if they present their study and 3 ECTS if they participate without presenting. All the participants will receive a course certificate issues jointly by the Danish School of Education/Aarhus University and University College South.


November 29th – December 1st


The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Campus, Copenhagen

Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark

Who can attend?

PhD students (school-based health promotion, health education, wellbeing, humanistic health and education sciences)

Researchers/academics (school-based health promotion, health education, wellbeing, humanistic health and education sciences)

Teachers, pedagogues and other professionals working in practice (school-based health promotion, health education, physical activity/sport, teaching voluntary sector etc.).




The SHE Academy aims to improve the participants’ capacity to engage with researching complex issues in schools, by utilizing sound methodological and theoretical frameworks that help layer rather than only reduce complexity. At the end of the course the participants will have a deeper understanding of philosophical assumptions (paradigms), strategies of inquiry and research methods in the field. Furthermore, the participants will gain a nuanced insight into the tensions, contradictions, challenges and potentials related to the links between research and practice.

The invitation will be available on this site soon.