SHE assist OECD in School Curriculum Content Mapping

OECD has assembled a group of experts in physical education. The national SHE coordinator from Denmark, Børge Koch, is part of this expect group who will map curriculum content in relation to physical activity in schools by examine the relevance between existing skills, attitudes and values to create a "heatmap". The aim is to support countries' curriculum in relation to educational practice in schools/classrooms towards 2030.
Members of the expect group are:

Børge Koch, Denmark
Tomoyasu Kondo, Japan
Ji Young Seo, South Korea
Keejoon Yoon, South Korea
Gulmira Tolegenova, Kazakhstan
Jorunn Spord Borgen, Norway
Marta Wieczorek, Polen
Richard Bailey, UK / Germany
Doune McDonald, Australian