Collaboration SHE network and ESN network

In 2016 the Education and Solidarity Network (ESN) and the School for health in Europe Network (SHE) explored further possibilities for collaboration. This included a joint symposium in May 2016 at the 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion in Curitiba, Brazil on ‘Health and Learning go hand in hand: The European perspective’. The two networks and three European initiatives were presented on how a whole school approach is taking shape: from Scotland, the Netherlands and France. In September 2016 both networks in partnership with the French healthcare mutual MGEN organised a collaborative seminar on the theme of improving education through health and well-being at school. Participants came from very different horizons from the education and health promotion world: education unions, researchers, international organisations, non-profit healthcare. They had the opportunity to get to know each other, identify complementary areas and explore possible collaborations between the ESN network and the SHE network. During the seminar, eight project ideas were designed, including: 10 days of activism to promote health at school, a project incubator to spot and boost innovative health promotion projects, and a joint ESN/SHE summer school