Update on the organisational SHE situation

In 2015 the former host organization of the SHE network CBO was bankrupt which left the network without a host organisation for about a year and a half. During those 18 months several attempts were made to secure a new host organisation and finally in the end of 2016 University College South Denmark was approved as the new SHE host organisation. We aim to rejuvenate the SHE network in 2017 to secure a strong and active network moving forward.

New management

The SHE network has two new managers: Anette Schulz and Jesper von Seelen. Anette is a senior consultant at UCS where Jesper is senior lecture and coordinator of a research program on health promotion and learning. You can read more about Anette and Jesper here.

We would like to thank Goof Buijs for his tireless work as the SHE network manager for nine years. You have personified the network for many years and kept the network alive for the past couple of years when it was without a host organisation. You have pushed the health promoting school agenda forward both at a political and a practical level and you have put the SHE network in the centre of this work. Especially the WHO draft declaration that was presented in Paris in December 2016 shows the results of your work. We are glad to see that you are still a part of the organisation and look forward to doing more work on HPS with you in the future