Invitation to submit your case study

Promoting equity through school



With the SHE factsheet on promoting health equity through schools, we want to share current knowledge on the links between reducing health inequalities and health promoting schools. We also want to describe what research is being done in schools (and possibly other settings) focused on children and adolescents. The factsheet is intended to support policy makers, practitioners and researchers in this important field of school health promotion.


We will present and discuss the draft version at our SHE assembly meeting in Santander, 26-28 October 2015.


One of the chapters in the factsheet will include case studies or practice examples from initiatives that you are involved in, or that you know of, concerning how health promoting schools can help reduce health inequalities. This is a good opportunity to have your case study or practice example included in the SHE-factsheet. All case studies that we collect, will also be made available on the SHE website, with your consent.


If you have a case study that you would like to share:

  • Please send us a short description (1 A-4 page maximum), in English, of work done in your country or region on the link between reducing health inequalities and health promoting schools.
  • It can be a scientific study or a good practice description, which is still in progress or already completed.

Please send your description to the SHE secretariat ( ) by Friday 11 September 2015.


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