Health promoting schools in Flanders and Scotland

Learning from our neighbours



Flemish health promoting school approach

During the meeting in on 21 April the SHE network's national coordinator of Flanders, Belgium, Olaf Moens and Greet Caris, educational counciloradvisor, presented the Flemish health promoting school approach. The focus of the Flemish approach is to make schools stronger to make choices about health based on quality criteria. Healthy promoting schools is not presented and implemented as a project, but as a policy.

The methodology of the Flemish health promoting school method consists of three parts:

  • The health matrix
  • The quality circle to develop policy
  • Spider web with the preconditions for policy.


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Scottish health promoting school approach

During the meeting in on 12 June, the  SHE network's national coordinator of for Scotland, Suzanne Hargreaves, presented the Scottish health promoting school approach. There has been a transition from health promoting schools to embedding Health and wellbeing across learning in Scottish educational establishments (Curriculum for Excellence). Health and wellbeing of students is the responsibility of every member of staff.


The overall aspirations of the Curriculum for Excellence are to:

  • Improve educational outcomes for all young people, with a relevant curriculum offering greater choice.
  • Close the gap between the highest achieving and low achieving.
  • Prepare our young people for life, with the skills, knowledge and confidence to compete for employment in a globalised economy.


The child is placed at the centre of thinking, planning and action. The best interests of the child is put central. The curriculum reform has been a long process which started in 2002 and resulted in the full implementation in schools in 2009-2010.


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* Dutch Education Agenda Sports, Physical Activity and a Healthy Lifestyle (Onderwijsagenda SBGL): established by three Dutch Education councils, for primary PO-Raad (Dutch council for primary education, ), VO-raad (Dutch council for secondary education) and MBO Raad (Netherlands Association of VET Colleges).


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