8th COSI meeting


WHO Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) aims to measure trends in overweight and obesity in children aged 6 -9 years in order to monitor the progress of and to reverse the epidemic, and to enable intercountry comparisons with the Region. Last year the implementation of COSI during two data collection rounds (school years 2007/2008 and 2009/2010) in 16 participating countries was presented in an official WHO report.


On 18-20 May 2015, the 8th WHO European COSI meeting took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The aim of the meeting was to share the latest results from the third collection round, as well as to discuss lessons learnt, successes, challenges and the expansion of the number of countries participating in COSI.  


Goof Buijs gave a presentation about school health promotion, indicator development and the SHE network. There will be an active input from the SHE network in the further elaboration and roll out of future COSI rounds.


Some of the lessons learnt included:

  • the importance of good coordination and a strong multidisciplinary team at both national and international levels;
  • an emphasis on training before each round, and the significance of timing the measurement in the school year to ensure a representative sample of children of a specified age; and
  • a greater emphasis on inequity, which is vital to ensure continued policy engagement and counteract complacency.


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