Participate in Global Forum on Health and Social Programs in Educational Systems

Don't miss your chance to participate (virtually) in the Educator-Led Global Forum on Integrating Health and Social Programs within Education Systems. June 1-3, 2015 in Paris.

Target group

The Paris forum will bring together all of the UN agencies, donor organizations and many of the 50+ global non-governmental organizations that promote health, equity, safety, social, economic and sustainable development through schools.

Main topic

We are gathering at the invitation of the education organizations with a unique issue or challenge that affects us all: How can we truly engage educators and education systems in our programs in a sustained manner? Recent research and our growing realization that competitive, project-based or single issue strategies do not survive in the long term within school systems unless they are integrated within the core mandates, constraints and concerns of education systems.

The inter-active sessions will be led by a variety of speakers and discussion leaders from across Europe and around the world. These speakers come from the educator organizations, WHO/Europe, Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) network, the Centre for Community Schools in the UK, the Health Education Research Network of the European Educational Research Association among others.

Register as a vitual participant

You can access the Global Forum sessions and ongoing discussions via a web meeting format. There will be an on-going dialogue both within Europe and globally about this significant shift in the traditional approaches in working with schools to promote different forms of human development. By registering as a virtual participant, you will ensure that you are invited to subsequent discussions and activities as well as access to the live and recorded sessions and materials. Go to this web page to register.


The Forum is organised by three global education organizations:

  • Education International (EI) representing teachers;
  • Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD) representing school officials in local education authorities and ministries); and
  • UNESCO representing governments and education ministries.

The International School Health Network (ISHN) is acting as the facilitator for this forum and ongoing dialogue.

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