Special Issue in School Health Education

Sexuality education in different contexts



With the support of the SHE research group, the Special Issue in Health Education has been published including six papers on sexual health education in schools internationally.

Background for Special Issue in Health Education

The idea for this Special Issue was born in Odense, Denmark, in October 2013, during the 4th European Conference on Health Promoting Schools. The Conference Programme and the debates during the sessions demonstrated the need for a wider discussion of sexuality education, particularly within the framework of the health promoting school. There was recognition of the need to endorse positive and wide socio-ecological views of health, including sexual health and a critical educational approach to sexuality education. The conference delegates and the members of the Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) research group were invited to submit a paper for the Special Issue, and the invitation was also sent through other networks and research communities globally.

Content of the Special Issue in Health Education

The papers highlight contrasts, tensions, potentials and barriers embedded in the ways sexuality health education is delivered to children and young people in schools internationally. Examples are drawn from Russia, Wales, China and the USA; they identify historical and structural issues related to the implementation of comprehensive progressive approaches. Topics discussed include the importance of appropriate content, theoretical/conceptual frameworks, modes of delivery, timing, attitudes from key stakeholders and the need for comprehensive evaluation of innovative approaches to the delivery of sexual education.


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