Developments SHE online school manual



We are continuously working to improve and increase access to the SHE online school manual: 5 steps to a health promoting school. The following activities have taken place in 2014.

SHE online manual available in 9 languages

The SHE online manual has been translated into additional languages. By the end of the year,  9 languages will be available. The newest translations that have been added to the website are Latvian, Slovenian, Spanish and Lithuanian. SHE online school manuals (in all available languages).

SHE Online manual evaluation

The SHE online school manual has been pilot tested by the SHE network secretariat in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Estonia and has received positive feedback with regard to its usability.


In the research, it was concluded that the SHE online school manual is a usable manual. Overall, it was user friendly, clear, useful, appropriate and complete. The manual was appropriate for different school types, but should be adapted for preschools/ kindergartens. Suggestions to improve were the of different terms for school children and young people. In general, the participants would have liked more information (especially on the introduction section and phase 5) and more best practice examples. The participants see possibilities to use the manual on national level in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Estonia.


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