Introducing a new SHE network member:

Regional coordinator in Cantabria, Spain



What is your experience in the field of Health Promoting Schools?

As a physical education teacher for 23 years, I have been the SHE school coordinator for ten years. I have also coordinated research projects about health in schools. I am in charge of  the teacher training programmes in school health and responsible for the design of the health promoting school program in Cantabria, abbreviated: RCEPS-SHE. Since 2014 I am the regional coordinator for SHE.


What is your role as the SHE regional coordinator in Cantabria, Spain?

My role is:

  • to supervise the Cantabria health promoting school network to design materials for teachers and schools
  • to be in contact and sign agreements with administrators and officials working in school health
  • to build rapport and promote experiences exchange between school partners 
  • to coordinate health projects in the field of education and teacher training programmes and to direct the Cantabrian SHE forum.


What would you like to contribute to the SHE Network?

I would like to further network with all SHE partners, which will provide us with the opportunity of sharing experiences, materials and teachers of our schools with all the European partners. I would also like to promote joint research projects, teacher training events and the exchange of experiences among members. Finally, I hope to get all the support for the SHE network from our regional government.


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