WHO Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2015-2020




The WHO made an Action Plan to reduce the burden of preventable diet-related non communicable diseases, obesity and all other forms of malnutrition still prevalent in the WHO European Region. It calls for action through a whole-of government, health-in-all-policies approach. Its priority actions will contribute to improving food system governance and the overall quality of the European population’s diet and nutritional status.


Guiding principles

  • Reduce inequalities in access to healthy food, as stated in Health 2020.
  • Ensure human rights and the right to food.
  • Empower people and communities through health-enhancing environments.
  • Promote a life-course approach.
  • Use evidence-based strategies.



  • Create healthy food and drink environments.
  • Promote the gains of a healthy diet throughout life, especially for the most vulnerable groups.
  • Reinforce health systems to promote healthy diets.
  • Support surveillance, monitoring, evaluation and research.
  • Strengthen governance, alliances and networks to ensure a health-in-all-policies approach.


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