The following is an overview of news related to the SHE network and school health promotion.


SHE assist OECD in School Curriculum Content Mapping

OECD has assembled a group of experts in physical education. The national SHE coordinator from Denmark, Børge Koch, is part of this expect group with the aim is to support countries' curriculum in relation to educational practice in schools/classrooms towards 2030. read more

SHE at Healthy City Conference in Pecs Hungary

For the first time the SHE network was present at the annual European Healthy City Network conference in Pecs Hungary 1-3 March. Read more

Supporting Health Promoting Schools in Kazakhstan

The SHE secretariat (Goof Buijs) is involved in a WHO pilot project to support health promoting school development in Kazakhstan. Read more

Paris Declaration focus on school health promotion

The SHE network will set the Paris Declaration into action. Read more

Meeting of WHO collaborating centres on Child and Adolescent Health

SHE network meets with WHO to share recent developments and updated information on Child and Adolescent Health. Read more

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study (HBSC)

The new HBSC study has just been published. Read more and find the report here

Youth-friendly health policies in the European Region

New publication about experiences of how health systems in Member States of the WHO European Region respond to the challenges of meeting the health and development need of young people. Read more and find the report here.

New publication: Prioritizing adolescent health

As part of the Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) movement, UNFPA recently published “Prioritizing adolescent health: technical guidance for prioritizing adolescent health”. The purpose of this global document is to support countries to advocate for increased investments in adolescent health, and to help guide strategic choices and decision-making for such investments as part of relevant national policies, strategies or plans. Find the publication here.

Tender call for external evaluation of the SHE Network 2017 activities

This call for tender by University College South Denmark (UCS) is a public, open invitation to all stakeholders for an external evaluation of the Schools for Health in Europe Network (SHE Network). The external evaluation focuses on evaluating the activities in the SHE network of 2017 and especially the deliverables in the Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) between UCS and CHAFEA. Read the tender call here.

New report of European Parliament on sexuality education

A 2016 study updates knowledge on the provision of sexual education and reproductive rights in the EU. Read more and find the study report here.

New SHE host organisation

University College South Denmark has been approved as the new SHE host organisation. We aim to rejuvenate the SHE network in 2017 to secure a strong and active network moving forward. Read more

Collaboration SHE network and ESN network

The Education and Solidarity Network (ESN) and The School for health in Europe Network (SHE) explores further possibilities for collaboration. Read more about the collaboration

New UNESCO strategy on education for health and well-being

The UNESCO document 'Education for health and well-being: contributing to the sustainable development goals' recognises that a more comprehensive approach to school health is needed. Read more about the strategy

The SHE network will by 2017 be managed by UC SYD

The SHE network will by 2017 be managed by UC SYD. Therefore, this website is currently in the process of being transferred and updated. We apologize for any inconvenience. -

Embedding health and wellbeing across learning

The Health and Wellbeing International Conference took place on 21-22 September 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland. The focus was on the role of health and wellbeing in education and learning. Read more about the health and wellbeing international conference

New region in the SHE network

We like to welcome a new member to the SHE network, the region Silesia in Poland. Read more new SHE network region Silesia in Poland

SHE network training event in Kosovo

In April 2015, Ian Young, consultant and former member of the SHE network planning committee, carried out a five day training programme on health education and health promotion related to the new school-based curriculum in Kosovo. Read more about the SHE training event in Kosovo

Video introduction to the Oulu normaalikoulu, Norssi school

Students in class eight from the Oulu normaalikoulu, Norssi school in Finland have used the SHE ‘Guide to make your own health promoting school video’ to make their own video introduction. Read more about the Oulu normaalikoulu Norssi school

Invitation to submit your case study – promoting equity through school

The SHE secretariat is currently preparing the 2015 SHE factsheet, with working title: ‘Promoting health equity through schools’. One of the chapters in the factsheet will include several case studies or practice examples concerning how health promoting schools can help reduce health inequalities. You are invited to submit your case study. Read more case studies promoting equity through school

HBSC Factsheets and visualizations

HBSC’s factsheets and visualizations offer new ways to engage with HBSC’s data and explore their key health findings related to topics such as physical activity, substance use and mental health in school-aged children. Read more about HBSC's Factsheets and visualizations

SHE network at Ministerial Conference in Minsk October 2015

The SHE network will be represented at the WHO European Ministerial Conference on the Life-course Approach in the Context of Health 2020. The meeting will take place on 21-22 October 2015 in Minsk, Belarus. Read more about the Ministerial Conference in Minsk

2015 SHE planning committee meeting

On 26-27 May 2015 the SHE planning committee met in Leiden, the Netherlands, for its annual meeting. Read more about the 2015 SHE planning committee meeting

Successful SHE Summer school in Kuopio

The 5th SHE summer school took place on, 10-13 June, in Kuopio, in the eastern part of Finland. The summer school was organized by the University of Eastern Finland and attended by 15 participants. Read more about the SHE Summer school in Kuopio

SHE network is growing

In the first half of 2015, the SHE network welcomes two new regional network members and a growing SHE research group. More about SHE network membership

SHE online manual: Four new translations for 2015

By the end of 2015, the SHE online school manual will be available in 13 languages. Read more about the 2015 SHE online manual translations

Learning from our neighbours - Flanders and Scotland

During two meetings in the Netherlands, one in April and one in June, two SHE national coordinators were invited by the Dutch Education Agenda Sports, Physical Activity and a Healthy Lifestyle (Onderwijsagenda SBGL)* to share their knowledge of and experience with their school health promoting programmes. Read more about health promoting schools in Flanders and Scotland

Global dialogue on integrating health and social programs within education

From 1-3 June 2015 a global dialogue on integrating health and social programs within education systems took place in Paris. Read more about the event

8th COSI meeting

The 8th WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveilance Initiative (COSI) meeting took place on 18-20 May 2015 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Read more about the COSI meeting

Participate in Global Forum on Health and Social Programs in Education

Participate (virtually) in the Educator-Led Global Forum on Integrating Health and Social Programs within Education Systems. June 1-3, 2015 in Paris More information about the Global Forum

Insight into how children view their lives and well-being

This is a report on the second wave of the Children’s Worlds survey. This report presents findings from over 30,000 children aged 10 to 12 from 15 countries across four continents. Read more about the report: Children's views on their lives and well-being

WHO report on policies to improve the school environmental

A new report from a WHO survey on policies to prevent exposure to chemical air pollutants and physical factors; improve access to sanitation in schools and kindergartens; and promote walking and cycling to schools. Read more about the WHO report on improving the school environment

Become a SHE regional network member

Since 2014 the SHE network is open not only to national health promoting school networks but also regional networks. Learn more about becoming a SHE regional network member

Agenda for #everychild 2015

2015 should be a year of global action for children, engaging everyone, in every country, to demand and drive change for every child. Read more about the agenda for #everychild 2015

Socioeconomic inequalities in adolescent health 2002–2010

Health inequalities in young people have grown alongside socioeconomic disparities between the rich and poor, according to new research published this month in the Lancet. Read more about this publication

HeforShe about gender equality

A global solidarity movement from the UN for men and boys to take a stand on gender equality. Read more: HeforShe about gender equality

PROMINDS report: school based mental health

The framework provides an evidence-based innovative concept for more effective and sustainable programme development on school mental health. Read more about the PROMINDS report

SHE network in the start of 2015: Sharing expertise for school health

In the beginning of 2015, Goof Buijs, from the SHE network secretariat, has been on the road in Europe sharing expertise on school health promotion to promote the whole school approach and school health. Read more about the ways the SHE network promotes school health in Europe

Registration for the 5th SHE summer school

We are happy to announce that registration for the 2015 SHE summer school is open. It will take place on 10-13 June at the Department of Nursing Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland. Read more about the summer school

Improving indoor air quality in EU schools

SINPHONIE, an EU-funded research project on indoor air quality in EU schools, and its impact on children's health, has recently published its conclusions. Read more about this report

Special Issue in Health Education

With the support of the SHE research group, the Special Issue in Health Education Journal has been published including six papers on sexual health education in schools internationally. Read more about the Special Issue in Health Education

Representing SHE network at two national conferences

Goof Buijs, manager of the SHE network, represented SHE at the national conference in France and was one of the key note speakers in Italy during the Italian national Health Promotion conference. Read more about the conferences in France and Italy

Attending the 3rd International HPS conference in Taiwan

The SHE network was also present at the third international Health Promoting School conference in Taiwan Read more about the conference in Taiwan

6th workshop for EECA SHE national coordinators in Moscow

An annual workshop for EECA SHE national coordinators took place in Moscow, hosted and organised by the SHE Moscow branch office in collaboration with the SHE secretariat. Read more about the workshop in Moscow

SHE research group meeting

We had an inspiring 2014 SHE network research group meeting in November in Utrecht, the Netherlands.The meeting sparked inspiring discussions and ideas for new research collaborations, new research focuses and suggestions to strengthen the SHE research group and support its objectives. Read more about the 2014 SHE research group meeting

Developments SHE online school manual

Are you curious about the newest developments in the SHE online school manual? The manual is now available in nine EU country languages. Read more about the newest developments in the SHE online school manual


Twinning is the possibility to link your school with another health promoting school. Read more about SHE twinning

Guide – how to make your own promotional video

Has the SHE promotional video inspired you to make your own video in your school or country? We can help! We have made a guide with video examples to help you through the steps to make your own, compelling video. Read more about the guide

SHE promotional video

Have you seen the SHE promotional video? It illustrates the health promoting schools approach by showcasing real examples from schools in Spain, Estonia and the Netherlands. Read more about the SHE promotional video

SHE factsheet 3 on effective networking and partnerships

SHE network's factsheet 3 ‘’Effective networking and partnerships for health promotion in schools’’ is now available for download Read more about SHE factsheet 3

New SHE network national coordinators

The SHE network welcomes two new national coordinators in Turkey as of October 2014. Read more about the new national coordinators