Introduction to health themes


The following health themes or health topic are relevant for children and adolescents in a school setting. Evidence shows that health themes may be best addressed in schools through a whole school approach. Health themes can overlap with each other. For example, if children and youth are overweight or obese, it can have a negative impact on their mental health because they may be bullied or have a negative self-image. Mental health is associated with substance use and abuse as well as sexual health and behaviour. Further, safety is a broad theme and overlaps with traffic and road safety, emotional and mental health as well as sexual health and hygiene.


The whole school approach to school health promotion can be used to address each health theme. This decision can be made with the help of the SHE rapid assessment tool.


When available, related manuals and tools are included on the health theme page for those who want additional information on the topic including how to apply the information in the school setting.


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