School twinning


Twinning is linking your school with another school that is active as a health promoting school and sharing ideas and good practice examples or developing collaborative projects with each other. Working together with other schools across the European region is fun and a great learning experience.


Read the FAQ for more information about the costs, the duration of projects, how you can make a connection with another school and who should be the person to make the connection.


If you are interested in twinning, you can read more about the possibilities and find the online registration form here.





10 steps to create a succesful twinning project


Are you ready to create your eTwinning project? The Erasmus eTwinning homepage gives you 10 tips to support your pedagogical endeavours and to inspire you when you design and run your own successful eTwinning project. Read here.




Do schools need to pay to be part of the twinning project? ‚Äč

No, twinning can be free of charge. Schools can decide for themselves what kind of twinning activities they want to do with their partner school (e.g. online communication or exchange visits)

When will the twinning project start and how long will it last?

Twinning schools decide together when to start and finish.

How often will the schools be in touch?

The schools can decide together how often they contact each other, e.g., once a week or twice a month.

Who (e.g., students/ school staff) should be included in the twinning project?

To get the twinning project started, only one teacher, principal or someone else from the school community is needed from each school. After contact has been established between the two schools, who (from the school communities) will be involved in the twinning project will depend on the school’s aims for the twinning project. For example, you may want your students to be in contact with each other and to motivate each other to be more involved in their health promoting school.

How will schools communicate?

The eTwinning platform of Erasmus+ is a free and safe platform for teachers, principals and others from the school community to connect, develop collaborative projects and share ideas in Europe. They can register and join the Twinning community for free and each project gets its own private TwinSpace available from the Desktop for partners and from the Portal homepage for invited members..
After having contact on the eTwinning platform schools can communicate online on the eTwinning platform. Or they can use Skype, Google docs, e-mail, blogs, Facebook or other existing platforms.


The eTwinning platform offers a number of tools for collaboration and communication, including a private chat room open 24/7 (e.g. your pupils can chat with their partners even after school in a safe online environment), a mailbox (TwinMail), a project journal and forums. The project can also store materials (images, files and videos) in folders to share on private or public pages.

Do schools have to plan visits (and calculate costs)?

If schools agree, they can visit each other. There is no funding possible through the SHE secretariat, but schools may be able to use funding set aside for their ’school trips’ to visit their partner school in another country. This is a nice way to get to know each other’s culture and work on their health promoting school project at the same time.

Who is the provider of the eTwinning platform?

Erasmus+ is running the eTwinning platform. Erasmus+ is the EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport.