SHE Network is the Schools for Health in Europe Network. SHE Network aims to support organisations and professionals to further develop and sustain school health promotion in each country by providing the European platform for school health promotion. The Network is coordinated by CBO, as a WHO Collaborating Centre for School Health Promotion.

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SHE Network is a network of National Coordinators from 45 countries in the European Region. Learn more about the SHE member countries.

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The SHE network provides easy access to information, good practices, contacts and exchange of information. International collaboration helps to minimize duplication of effort and to provide a framework that fosters and sustains innovation. Membership for the SHE network is open for any organisation or professional with an interest in schools and health. Read more about the Schools for Health in Europe network.

More about the SHE network

At this time, information on the SHE network including a full description of the network, news, publications and member countries is only available in English. To access additional information on school health promotion in Europe and the SHE network, please see the English language page of the SHE network website.